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MVTCo Inc British Figure 8 Naval Cutlass - $149

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          Here is a classic sword from the age of Nelson's Navy. The British used a "double disk" or "figure eight" hilted naval cutlass from much of the 18th century and into the early 19th century. This sturdy reproduction comes set up as the late type, with cast iron grip. Originals like this turn up all over the coastal towns, at least in New England. The Bostonian Society Museum has no less than three on display, with none being quite alike. Cutlasses of this type could be hammered out by local blacksmiths to arm privateers. They are heavy and solid, make no mistake, this is a brutal weapon for hacking and chopping. Comes unsharpened. British Figure 8 Naval Cutlass

          To back-date this sword to how it would look earlier in the century, all it takes is to switch out the grip to a wooden cylinder either plain or covered in sheet steel. To make it really early, switch it out for an antler crown. Brush on black Krylon paint to give it the look of Japanning, a period rustproofing treatment. British Figure 8 Naval Cutlass hilt