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1757 Spanish Infantry Musket

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          People have been asking for the 1757 Spanish Infantry Musket for a long time. The gun in these photos was the prototype and you can see photos of the actual production guns in our online store by clicking the link at the top of the page. right

          The .69 caliber smoothbore barrel is 41" long. Overall length of the musket is 57-1/2". The Spanish more or less copied the French muskets of the era since they were both Catholic countries and generally on the same side against the Protestant English and Germans. left

          Here is the lock. The jaw screw that tightens via a loop is a typical Spanish thing. These come from the factory with a flashguard already installed. This is a great musket for F&I and RevWar reenacting because it is something different. Many of these that were captured in the Carribean ended up in New England, but few survived. lock

          Here is one of the revisions that was done for the production guns. The sideplate shown next to the gun is the standard. sideplate
          Here is revision number two, a refinement of the triggerguard. You can really see the French form here, only executed in a slightly Spanish style. triggerguard
          The barrel mounts with three brass bands. Note the long rammer pipe on the bottom of the nose band. On top of the band is a blade front sight. There is a bayonet lug on top of the barrel. muzzle
          The buttplate tang is revision number three. Again, it is a close copy of a French buccaneer styled buttplate. buttplate
          Spanish frizzens generally have vertical grooves cut into them in order to produce a better spark with a lower quality flint. It is a common thing to see on miqulet type locks, but they carried it over onto this French type lock as well. frizzen