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1740 Potzdam Musket

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          Here's an interesting gun that has earned a place in American colonial history.

These muskets were carried by German mercenaries in the F&I period and American Revolution, captured guns would be found in the colonial militia.
41" barrel is .75 caliber smoothbore.
Overall length is 56 1/2".
Weight is just under 9 lbs.
full view

          The lock has classic Germanic styling at its best.
There is no external bridle.
The plate is banana shaped.
Notice that the frizzen spring mounts with a blind screw from the inside.

          You have to admit, Frederick the Great had style!
Here you can see the engraved thumbplate and ornate buttplate tang. Typical German styling, there is raised carving around the lock and barrel tang as well as the entry pipe and along the rammer channel.
The grooved tang is intended to function as a rear sight.

          Here is the serpent sideplate. This mirrors the contemporary styling of the Germanic horse pistols. We also have those available, click here to see it. sideplate
          Here is the brass triggerguard. Notice how the rear sling swivel is held in place underneath it as opposed to mounting to the forward part of the trigger bow like on a British gun? triggerguard
          There is a brass noseband. There is a brass blade front sight. There are many original examples of these muskets around where the colonists whittled down the comb of the stock to make them eaiser to aim. Many of them were captured from the Brunswick troops at the Battle of Bennington in 1777. This photo is of the prototype gun, the production guns have a bayonet lug. muzzle