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US Springfield Model 1816 Musket - $650

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          Here is our new model 1816 US Springfield Musket. The early US muskets were copies of French designs. They were in .69 caliber smoothbore, and had minor changes from the French guns to simplify manufacture. Early US muskets copied French designs because the soldiers were already familiar with them. full view

          Here is a left hand view. It is very similar to a Charleville. left view

          The lock has an angled brass pan to fight corrosion. The "Springfield" markings were typically done on two lines in this period. The photo does not show how nice the US eagle came out! lock

          This shot of the breech area shows some of the period inspector's marks. There is a V, a P, and an eagle head. The small S denotes manufacture at Springfield and is found on every part. breech
          Here is the middle barrel band and sling swivel. Notice the "S" mark, indicating Springfield manufacture. barrel band
          Here is the triggerguard. This is almost identical to 1777 French triggerguards, only the finger grooves have been eliminated. triggerguard
          Here is the comb. Unlike the 1777 French, there is no cheek rest. comb
          Here is the front barrel band with blade sight, rammer tip, and bayonet lug. At this time there is no bayonet available but there is one on the drawing board. muzzle
          Here is another view of the wrist area. wrist
Accessories such as sling, hammerstall, flashguard and period tools available separately.