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Long Land Brown Bess Musket
Long Land Brown Bess flintlock musket
Ranger Brown Bess Musket
Rogers Rangers Brown Bess flintlock musket
East India Pattern Brown Bess Musket
India Pattern Brown Bess flintlock musket
Ship's Flintlock Carbine
Brown Bess Ships Carbine flintlock musket
Ketland Flintlock Fusil
Ketland fusil flintlock musket
1717 French Flintlock Musket
1717 French flintlock musket
1777 French Flintlock Musket
French 1777 Charleville flintlock musket
1777 French Flintlock Carbine
1777 French dragoon carbine flintlock musket
Flintlock Fusil de Chasse
fusil de chasse flintlock musket
1740 Potzdam Flintlock Musket
1740 Potzdam flintlock musket
1757 Spanish Flintlock Musket
1757 Spanish flintlock musket
New England Flintlock Fowler
Cookson fowler flintlock musket
Early Trade Flintlock Musket
early commercial trade doglock flintlock musket
Baker Flintlock Rifle
Baker flintlock rifle musket
1816 Springfield Flintlock Musket
1816 Springfield flintlock musket
Double Barrel Flintlock Shotgun
double barrel flintlock shotgun
English Lock Fishtail Fowler
English lock fishtail flintlock musket
English Matchlock Musket
matchlock musket
Dutch Flintlock Blunderbuss
Dutch blunderbuss flintlock musket
Early Doglock Blunderbuss
doglock flintlock blunderbuss
1853 Enfield Rifle Musket
1853 Enfield rifle musket caplock
British Heavy Dragoon Flintlock Pistol
British Heavy dragoon flintlock pistol
British Eliot Light Dragoon Flintlock Pistol
Eliott Light dragoon flintlock pistol
British 1756 Sea Service Flintlock Pistol
British 1756 Sea Service flintlock pistol
Flintlock Ketland Trade Pistol
Ketland trade flintlock pistol
Double Barrel Flintlock Pistol
double barrel flintlock pistol
1733 French Flintlock Pistol
1733 French flintlock pistol
1773 French Flintlock Pistol
1773 French sea service flintlock pistol
German Flintlock Pistol
German dragoon flintlock pistol
Scottish Murdoch Flintlock Pistol
Scottish Murdoch flintlock pistol
Royal Highland Regiments Flintlock Pistol
Scottish Royal Highland Regiment flintlock pistol
English Doglock Pistol
English lock doglock flintlock pistol
Double Barrel Percussion Pistol
double barrel caplock howdah pistol

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cover   Boarders Away is a well-illustrated study of armament under fighting sail. This volume traces the development of axes, pikes and fighting blades in use between 1626 and 1826 by the naval forces of England and Northern Europe through that of the United States. cover   Boarders Away, Volume II continues the history of naval warfare, this time focusing on the pistols, muskets, combustibles and small cannon used aboard American and European fighting ships, 1626-1826, with technical and historical drawings along with hudreds of photographs.

cover   Collector's Illustrated Encyclopedia of the
American Revolution

Considered by many to be the "Bible" of living history. Contains photographs and Woodbridge line drawings of both original and reproduction equipment. If you only have one book, this should be it.
        cover   Swords and Blades of the American Revolution A collection of nearly 750 detailed photos and George Woodbridge line drawings of edged weapons & implements of the period along with detailed descriptions including dimensions, weights, and origins.

cover Arms and Armor in Colonial America, 1526-1783 Using period documents along with artifacts from both archaelogical digs and private collections, this book illustrates a detailed timeline of the evolution of crossbows, daggers, polearms, firearms and related equipment used in the period.                 cover Revolutionary Medicine, 2nd Edition Not for the weak of heart or stomach! Detailed descriptions of medical procedures, diseases, and hospitals. Describes the difference of treatments by the English, French, and Americans; and points out differing health problems of the Army and Navy. Some areas covered include weapons, food, clothing, shelter, wounds & diseases and many more

cover The Revolutionary Soldier 1775-1783 A detailed explanation of all facets of military life                           cover Pirates & Patriots of the Revolution Terrific historical references, accurate and well done sketches, and more provide A detailed review of the seagoing side of the revolution. Everything from hard tack recipes to hat patterns and more!


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