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English Lock Fishtail Fowler

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Long Land Brown Bess flintlock musket
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English Lock Fishtail Fowler
English lock fishtail flintlock musket
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British Heavy Dragoon Flintlock Pistol
British Heavy dragoon flintlock pistol
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Eliott Light dragoon flintlock pistol
British 1756 Sea Service Flintlock Pistol
British 1756 Sea Service flintlock pistol
Flintlock Ketland Trade Pistol
Ketland trade flintlock pistol
Double Barrel Flintlock Pistol
double barrel flintlock pistol
1733 French Flintlock Pistol
1733 French flintlock pistol
1773 French Flintlock Pistol
1773 French sea service flintlock pistol
German Flintlock Pistol
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Scottish Murdoch Flintlock Pistol
Scottish Murdoch flintlock pistol
Royal Highland Regiments Flintlock Pistol
Scottish Royal Highland Regiment flintlock pistol
English Doglock Pistol
English lock doglock flintlock pistol
Double Barrel Percussion Pistol
double barrel caplock howdah pistol

          Here is a scan of the photos that started this idea. The original gun pictured is in Blackmore's Arms & Armour of the English Civil Wars. The original gun has some period damage to the tp point of the fishtail butt, and the finished musket below has a proper fishtail as seen on our matchlock musket. full view

          Here's a right hand view. Note the large, hand forged triggerguard. You can see the hammer marks from when it was made inside the triggerguard bow. right view

          Here it is from the left. The barrel is 42" long and .75 caliber smoothbore. left view

          Here's a close-up of the lock. It may have the familiar shape of a snaphaunce, but is actually an English Lock in that the pan cover and frizzen are one piece, an important step in lock evolution. There is a half cock notch internally, but the full cock position is held by the sear sticking out through the lockplate and holding back the tail on the back of the cock. closeup of lock

          Notice the early fishtail butt. It may look odd to us today, but is very ergonomic. The point on top of the fishtail is intended to be usd as a club when you were fighting up-close and personal. butt and lock

          Here's the stock from the left. There are two lock screws and the barrel tang is secured from below by the forward triggerguard screw. left side
          No entry pipe, one thimble to hold the rammer. Some of them are coming through with a steel strap instead of a thimble. Both styles are correct. muzzle area