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Matchlock Musket

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Long Land Brown Bess Musket
Long Land Brown Bess flintlock musket
Ranger Brown Bess Musket
Rogers Rangers Brown Bess flintlock musket
East India Pattern Brown Bess Musket
India Pattern Brown Bess flintlock musket
Ship's Flintlock Carbine
Brown Bess Ships Carbine flintlock musket
Ketland Flintlock Fusil
Ketland fusil flintlock musket
1717 French Flintlock Musket
1717 French flintlock musket
1777 French Flintlock Musket
French 1777 Charleville flintlock musket
1777 French Flintlock Carbine
1777 French dragoon carbine flintlock musket
Flintlock Fusil de Chasse
fusil de chasse flintlock musket
1740 Potzdam Flintlock Musket
1740 Potzdam flintlock musket
1757 Spanish Flintlock Musket
1757 Spanish flintlock musket
New England Flintlock Fowler
Cookson fowler flintlock musket
Early Trade Flintlock Musket
early commercial trade doglock flintlock musket
Baker Flintlock Rifle
Baker flintlock rifle musket
1816 Springfield Flintlock Musket
1816 Springfield flintlock musket
Double Barrel Flintlock Shotgun
double barrel flintlock shotgun
English Lock Fishtail Fowler
English lock fishtail flintlock musket
English Matchlock Musket
matchlock musket
Dutch Flintlock Blunderbuss
Dutch blunderbuss flintlock musket
Early Doglock Blunderbuss
doglock flintlock blunderbuss
1853 Enfield Rifle Musket
1853 Enfield rifle musket caplock
British Heavy Dragoon Flintlock Pistol
British Heavy dragoon flintlock pistol
British Eliot Light Dragoon Flintlock Pistol
Eliott Light dragoon flintlock pistol
British 1756 Sea Service Flintlock Pistol
British 1756 Sea Service flintlock pistol
Flintlock Ketland Trade Pistol
Ketland trade flintlock pistol
Double Barrel Flintlock Pistol
double barrel flintlock pistol
1733 French Flintlock Pistol
1733 French flintlock pistol
1773 French Flintlock Pistol
1773 French sea service flintlock pistol
German Flintlock Pistol
German dragoon flintlock pistol
Scottish Murdoch Flintlock Pistol
Scottish Murdoch flintlock pistol
Royal Highland Regiments Flintlock Pistol
Scottish Royal Highland Regiment flintlock pistol
English Doglock Pistol
English lock doglock flintlock pistol
Double Barrel Percussion Pistol
double barrel caplock howdah pistol

          I've been playing with flintlocks for over thirty five years, but never had an earlier style gun. Step back in time with this one! full view

          The fishtail butt is designed to be swung by the muzzle as a big war club. The cutout for your thumb is there to give an ergonomic feel to it when aiming. left view

          Here's the lock. It's not a snapping lock, so the trigger is supposed to be that far forward in order to move the sear. Notice the correct flat coil spring that keeps the pan cover closed. These are also available with the older style sear bar. Specify which type you want when ordering. lock

          As is correct for a functional 'work gun" as opposed to a fancy presentation piece, there is no entry pipe. Notice that the forward triggerguard screw passes through to secure the barrel tang. sideplate
          Here is the view from the top.

We took the first one of these out to play with and were amazed at how accurately these shoot. Shots were cloverleafed at 25 yards!

          Had to Photoshop this one because it was dark, but here is the hand-forged triggerguard. You can also see the bottom of the pan. On most matchlocks, the pan is attached to the barrel, not the lockplate. top
          In this view, you can see the carved lines that accent the architecture of the stock. This gun was copied in exacting detail from an original in a private English collection. top
          Here's the 42", .75 cal smoothbore barrel. The overall length of the gun is 57". Note that there is only one rammer thimble. top
          Many guns of this type used a single barrel band to seure the barrel and to serve as a thimble. On the original, this one had a thimble, no band, and a sheet steel band at the muzzle to keep the stock from splitting. Sometimes these come with a band, sometimes a thimble. What you get depends on what is available when your order is filled. Both are correct. top