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1809 Potzdam Musket - $625

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          Here is a musket that has a dual history. It was used by Prussian infantrymen in the Napoleanic era and later many of them were sent here to the US and converted to percussion for use in the Civil War. full view

          The left side. The musket has brass furniture. The .75 caliber smoothbore barrel is 41 1/2" long. Overall length of the gun is 57". Weight is just over 9 pounds. left

          Here is the lock. There is a brass flashguard built right in. Notice the similarity to the French locks of the era? lock

          Here is the triggerguard, with destinctive German styling for the era. triggerguard

          A simple brass sideplate. By this era, the Germanic guns were becoming more ulititarian in their styling as compared to the previous century. sideplate
          The buttplate tang has a typical Germanic arrowhead motif, and the comb of the stock is cut away like a 1777 French musket in order to line the shooter's eye up with the barrel. butt
          Here is the business end. The brass bands are not there to make the gun easier to take down for cleaning, but it is an added benefit. The main function of barrel bands on a military musket is to add strength when using a bayonet. muzzle

          This is the middle barrel band along with it's sling swivel. band