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1856 Pattern Enfield Cavalry Carbine - $495

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          This is the 1856 Pattern Enfield Cavalry Carbine. It is a small, light carbine for the US Civil War period. We have an original carbine of this pattern in our collection and will be posting photos of it when we get a chance. Right side

          Here it is from the left. The barrel is 21" long and the whole thing is only 36 1/2" long. This neat little gun only weighs 6 lb. Left side

          The rust blued lock is marked with the VR Cypher and the word Tower. It comes with a period-correct Parker Hale type nipple that uses musket caps. This type of nipple is tapered and the cone is taller than what you see on the Italian replicas. Lock

          As a cavalry carbine, you would carry it with a shoulder strap that had a hook on it. The hook would clip to the saddle ring to leave your hands free for using the reins of your horse. This carbine also has regular sling swivels. Sling Bar

          It has a captured rammer. This kept you from loosing the rammer while on horseback but it also eliminated two steps from the manual of arms because you don't flip the rammer over to load with it, then flip it back over to return it to it's slot. This increases the rate of fire. Muzzle

          Here is the cast brass triggerguard. Trigger Guard

          A view of the wrist area Wrist

          Here is the breech. In this photo you can see the seam where the screwed in breechplug butts up against the barrel. Italian replicas are made using a breech casting that the barrel screws into, but these are made using the historically correct screwed breechplug and welded bolster just as they were 150+ years ago. Top