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An original Ketland Officer's Fusil from our collection

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          Full view full view

          Here's the lock area. The original has been converted to percussion and restoration is in progress. lock area

          The gun lost it's sideplate before it came to me, but we have located another original with the correct sideplate and have a rubbing of the engraving. sideplate area

          Almost all original Ketland muskets share this sideplate and engraving style. triggerguard
          A view of the wrist. Ignoring the damage from the percussion conversion, you can see it was intended to mimic a Brown Bess wrist area
          It bears spurious "London" markings and a pair of Birmingham proofs, as do all Ketland pieces barrel markings
          The muzzle, not cut for a bayonet. This barrel may have been shortened based on the thimble spacing. muzzle area
          The entry pipe. The thimbles are made of sheet brass. entry pipe