Weekly update as of 6/15/21

The good news is that we have a new shipment of guns on the way!
The bad news is that it is only about 40 of them because our biggest vendor
just opened back up after their 3rd 6+ week COVID lockdown and they have very little ready to ship right now.

It is what it is and it is out of my hands, so don't waste your time sending me hate mail about it.
I just don't have time to try to reason with people people who get all unhinged
because they have to wait their turn so I just delete that stuff.
It is unsettling to think that people who are that unstable are buying firearms.

As of this writing, I have 89 guns to tear down & prep plus a few repairs to do.
These are the orders highlit in blue below. Each one is just as much a priority as all of the others.
I am moving forward, trying to get as much out the door as possible each day but am working alone in the shop.
We are running low on "modern" guns and ammo as well but supplies to build ARs
and some calibers of ammo are starting to trickle in again.

We expect the accessory orders in green below to ship over the next few days.

We got in a new price list for 2021 from our biggest vendor.
Their prices went up on me again, so for the first time in about 10 years ous did too.
My costs increase every year or so and I usually just absorb it.
We had to adjust them this time because we were actually selling some items at a loss
because my costs kept creeping up when I wasn't looking.

French bayonets are currently backordered. We ran out of British bayonets too.
No major issues with them, they are sold out until the next batch gets here.
Today I got word that the bayonet vendor is sending me
a few Bess bayonets with the next shipment along with some Baker bayonets.
This won't fill all of the Bess bayonet orders but will help a little.
The specially made long musket cleaning rods ran out, those are custom made so
they may take a little longer than the bayonets to get resupplied.

Essentially all reenactments were cancelled for the 2020 season
and we are seeing a significant amount of cancelations in 2021 too.
Maybe if we call them historic protests, they will be allowed.
The good news is that we are also seeing real live reenactments being allowed again, but
I have not heard any reports on whether or not you will have to wear a magic face mask or
perhaps an armband that says you have complied with the CDC, a gas mask made out of
period correct 18th century materials, or maybe a propeller-beanie (to blow away germs) to attend.
We withdrew our support from a New England event when they announced that mask wearing
would be strictly enforced, foot traffic through the camp would be one way and tents needed to be set up 6' apart.

Historical Shooting Inc is slowly opening back up for classes, despite the pandemic paranoia.
At this time, there are two live-shooting courses available through HSI,
a 2-3 hour introduction to WW2 small arms, and an introduction to flintlock muskets.
You can sign up for them at this link: HSI
We are working on finalizing a Vietnam era small arms course as well.
Of course, with the insanity of 2020 spilling over into 2021, there is an unprecendented
ammo shortage to contend with and it may cause a problem for our classes.

Keep your powder dry!

This is the list of current orders I am working on.

I will TRY to update this list ONCE A WEEK, usually on Monday towards the end of the workday because Monday is paperwork day.

Please DO NOT contact me and tell me it hasn't been updated in a few days, my priority is working on your gun.

Emails from people complaining that the list is not up to date get deleted without a reply.

Please DO NOT contact me and complain that someone lower on the list than you is marked “Ready to prep”. It is because I had one of that model ready to go already.

Please read and understand the following instructions before asking me questions about your place on the list


-All orders below are listed by invoice number, regardless of what was ordered

-For orders in black letters on white background, your item is not built yet

-Orange background means the invoice is on layaway and not paid for yet

-Red highlights are a note for me, like a special task to perform or there is something I need to ask for clarification on

-Blue background means the gun is complete but still has to go through the shop and be reworked to make it fully functional

-Yellow background means we were told the gun is complete in the overseas vendor's warehouse
and is being shipped to us here in NH in the next shipment. It still will have to go through US Customs etc.

-Green background means the gun is complete, functional, tested and ready to ship

When looking yourself up to see where you are, don't look at your overall place in line, what matters is how many of the same model you ordered are ahead of you.

This list is primarily for my use to know what to work on next. I share this info as a courtesy only.

As each order is filled, it is removed from the list and everyone else below moves up. Any specific info on a particular order is on the right hand column.

This is the ONLY information available about the status of your order, please do not ask for any other information.

Accessory - only orders are pulled once a week to ship separately unless something Is backordered.


The notes are self explanatory but people routinely write to me to ask what words mean instead of simply consulting a dictionary.

“Ready to prep” means the gun is complete, has arrived here at our shop but still needs to be torn down, inspected, vented, reworked if needed and tested.
This could take an hour or this could take a couple of days, depending on what that particular gun needs.

“Ready to ship” means it has been prepped and tested and is ready to pack for UPS

“Expected in next week's shipment” means it is complete and on it's way to us from the shop overseas, it will be marked
as such until it arrives here and is uncrated & logged in, at such time it will be marked "Ready to prep"

“Waiting for rest of payment” means the gun is prepped & tested, but was purchased via deposit and we are waiting for the rest of the payment

The notation “On rack” simply tells me that I have that particular gun on a rack in the front of the shop so I won't go crazy looking for it elsewhere

“On layaway – balance $1234” means that the gun is on layaway and shows the balance still due

“Paid in full” means that the gun was on layaway and shows the balance is paid in full

“In shop now” means just that. The gun is in the shop for the prepping process

Status Name Items ordered Invoice number Order status

Oehrle PDBF 1916 Specific caliber request – note address change

Longino M3BB 2223L On layaway – Balance $495

Dusenberry MDBF 2401

Burkett MFDC 2473L On layaway – Balance $695
Double Smith PDBF 2538 Ready to prep
Double Thompson PDBF 2555 Ready to prep

Besecker PDBF – MDBF 2560L Paid in full

Reasor P56SS 2575L On layaway – Balance $200

Woodbridge PDBF 2582L Paid in full, return $1 overpayment w/gun

Carrington MDBF 2635L On layaway – Balance $525

Jibben MSC 2644L On layaway – Balance $150*

Sarazin PDBF 2674

Guminski PDBF 2747

Newberry MBBB18 2791L On layaway – Balance $550

VanVliet M77FRB 2809L On Layaway – Balance $670

Camperchioli PDBF 2832

Cooper PDBF 2842

Kidd M1BB 2847L On layaway – Balance $625

Gilbert MDBF 2850
Deposit McNeil MNEF 2865D Ready to prep, balance unpaid
Deposit McNeil 2-MDBF 2866D

Blank PDBF 2881

Kneupper PDBF 2954

Anzalone P56SS 2965L On layaway – Balance $325

Winchell M77FR 2977L On layaway – Balance $500
Shipping chg Milne/NJ LI 2-M1BB 3027 Ready to ship, Note shipping to be charged separately, see back of invoice

Kirkpatrick PDBF 3050

Lawhon M3BB 3095L On layaway – Balance $545

Kostock PDBF 3112L On layaway – Balance $474

Achee PDBF 3138

Lockwood PDBF 3162

Thompson P56SS 3171L On layaway – Balance $350

Dinger PDBF 3190

Hackett PDBF 3212

Barnett MENF 3215L On layaway – Balance $470
Deposit Whitworth 2 – MDBF 3233D
Double Alloway/Switzer PDBC 3241 Ready to prep

D'Ambrosia M1BB 3244L On layaway – Balance $525

Miller Accessories – rammers 3255 Rammers backordered
Double McAshan PDBC 3261D Ready to prep

Nuyen-Kariotis PDBF 3268L On layaway – Balance $324

Culp MNEF 3282 Expected in next shipment

Harris PDBF 3285L On layaway – Balance $474
Double Braun PDBC 3289 Note new address – Ready to prep

MacKenzie MENF 3308L Paid in full, Include check for $5 overpayment

Brown MDBF 3311L Paid in full

Price MDBF 3317

Mifsud PDBF 3325
Double Nice PDBC 3358D Ready to prep

Wells Accessories – Nip pro 3367 Nipple wrench discontinued, include refund check, protectors backordered

Sipes PDBC 3373L On layaway – Balance $425

Fradella PDBF 3395L On layaway – Balance $474

Kaczmarek 2 – PDBF 3400 Check with him, may want 4 instead of 2
Deposit Ponzio PDBC 3404D

Riker PDBF 3424L Paid in full, overpaid by $51, include refund check
Deposit Gentry MBBB18 3440D Ready to prep, balance unpaid
Deposit Miller M1740P 3473D Check address – Ready to prep, balance unpaid
Deposit Barbaric PBB 3481D Check for current shipping address

Ragaller Accessories 3499 French bayonets backordered

Kuehn M1816S 3507L On layaway – Balance $625
Deposit Peyton MNEF 3509D
Shipping chg Brazoria Parks Dept See list on invoice 3519 shipping not paid – 2xM3BB, PELD & P73FR ready to prep

Hebert PDBF 3520

Walker 1717 French bayonet 3521 French bayonets backordered

Sylvia Accessories 3524 Rammers backordered

Plowman PDBF 3574

Duryea MENF 3577L Paid in full, overpaid by $30, include refund check

McLaughlin MMLS 3578L Paid in full, overpaid by $5, inc ref chk, expected in next shipment

Brush P56SS 3581L On layaway – Balance $130 inc. shipping

Hurst PDBF 3584L Paid in full, Include check for $1 overpayment

Heffinger PDBC 3585

Patton M77FRB 3586L Paid in full, Expected in next shipment
Deposit Klein MNEF 3593D

Hartrum M1BB 3600L On layaway – Balance $625

Booker MPC 3613L On layaway – Balance $375 *

Vickers PDBF 3637L On layaway – Balance $474
Deposit Hutchinson MDBF 3644D

Tate Nonwarranty lock repair #### Canadian Baker lock with stripped hole

Taylor PSCOT 3679D Welding up frame now

Russell MBBB18 3685L On layaway – Balance $550

Gilpin MDBF 3694 Ship to Canada separate charge, email for address

Greenstein Accessories 3701 1777 Bayonets backordered

Reis MENF 3713

Freleng Warranty lock repair #### Frizzen repair

Church M17FR 3722 Ready to prep

Curtis MNEF 3724L On layaway – Balance $625
Deposit Kuberry PRHR 3731D Ready to prep, balance unpaid
Deposit Foster PDBF 3733D

Davies PDBC 3734

Black P33FRS 3743

Garrity MBBB18 – P33FRS – M1BB 3745 Include INV3750, M1BB & MBBB18 ready to prep

Cassell M1757SP 3770 Ready to prep
Deposit Atkinson PELD 3776D Ready to prep, balance unpaid

King MFDC 3781L Ready to prep

Cassity MML-T 3783L Paid in full

Witherow MENF 3789

Poulson MDBF 3794

Hall M77FRB 3796 Ready to prep
Deposit Ulrich PDBC 3799D
Deposit Plocharczyk M1BB 3812D Ready to prep, balance unpaid

Farley M1816S 3823

McLaughlin M1856C 3841L On layaway – Balance $445

Sadecki M1BB & bayo 3850 Ready to prep

Walker PSCOT 3851 Ready to prep
Deposit Tefft MNEF 3852D

Tomko PGERM 3854 Ready to prep

Frazier P73FR 3855L Paid in full, Ready to prep

Kramer Accessories 3857 1777 bayonets backordered

Chesteen P56SS 3859 Ready to prep

Tomko PDRAG 3862 Ready to prep

Braddock MDBF – MBBB18 3870 Blunderbuss ready to prep

McClure PDBC 3872

Bartlett M3BB & accessories 3874 Ready to prep

Campbell M1BB 3878D Ready to prep

Savage M77FRS & bayo 3879 Ready to prep

Waggoner M1BB 3885 Change address per email, ready to prep

Brandt Accessories 3888 Sending check, did we get it? French bayonet backordered

Smith PDBC 3890 May pick up in person

Betancourt MBR 3891 Note new address, Ready to prep

Mumford PDOG 3896 Ready to prep

Brocker MDBB – PDOG 3899 Ready to prep

Blair MNEF 3900
Deposit Davis MFDC 3904D Ready to prep, balance unpaid
Deposit Straus MML-S 3908D Ready to prep, balance unpaid

Perkins M1BB 3911 Ready to prep

Doty M1757SP 3912 Ready to prep

Wodack M77FRS – M1BB – MBBB18 – PDBF 3918 Charleville and MBBB18 ready to prep

Decker MDBB 3919

Orchard MBB15 3920 Ready to prep

McWilliams PDBF 3923

Whitney M1842S 3924L Paid in full, overpaid by $50, include refund check

Portman P73FR 3926 Ready to prep

Buyce M1BB 3928L On layaway – Balance $25*

Wadsworth PDBF 3932 Need actual shipping address

Dauler MFDC 3935L Paid in full - Ready to prep

Wallace MSC 3937 Ready to prep

Bauer PRHR 3939 Ready to prep

Volker M1740P 3942 Wants proof testing, Ready to prep

Dooley M1BB & bayo 3953 Ready to prep

Mifsud MDBF 3958 On layaway – Balance $625

MacPherson PSCOT 3967 Ready to prep

Darsch M1BB 3970 Note: research Redcoat joke Change to M1BB per email, ready to prep

Valentine M1740P 3974 Ready to prep

Cox MNEF 3982

Eaton PDRAG 3983 Expected in next shipment

Olson PDBC 3984

Christianson MBBB18 3988L Paid in full - Ready to prep

Lucas PGERM 3991 Ready to prep

Morris Accessories -77 bayo & scab 3992 1777 Bayonets backordered

Rozmajzl PMLT 4000 Ready to prep

Brown M1BB & acc 4002 Check with him about browning, ready to prep

Colon MKOF 4003L Paid in full

Bremer MRBB 4006L On layaway – Balance $525

Yelverton PDBF 4015

Martin M1BB & bayo 4019 Ready to prep
Deposit Trapani M1757SP 4021D Include INV4078, refund extra shipping, change to M1757SP per email

Tucker M3BB & bayo 4032 Ready to prep

Mayo M17FR & access 4036 Ready to prep

Tate MKOF 4038L On Layaway – Balance $650

Bushy M1BB 4041 Ready to prep

Hester MBB15 – PDBF 4043 MBB15 ready to prep

Lewis PKT 4051 Ready to prep

Long MNEF 4053L Paid in full

Hopkins MRBB 4055 Ready to prep
Deposit White PBB – PDBF 4056D

House-Higgins 2 M3BBs, 3 bayos & scabbards 4059 Ready to prep

Barry MFDC 4064L On layaway – Balance $250*

Hudson MRBB & access 4069 Ready to prep

Walker MENF 4072

Matthews MBR 4073

Meltzer P33FRB 4075 Change model per email

Burkett M1BB 4081L On layaway – Balance $500

Bloom MBR 4082L On layaway – Balance $500

Davis PDBF 4085L Paid in full, overpaid by $1, include refund check

Hilton MFDC 4089L On Layaway – Balance $650
Deposit Travis P33FRS 4090D

Martino MRBB & bayo 4092 Ready to prep

Cummings MBR 4096 Note change of address

Polese MBR – MDBF 4106 Check email for new address

Jarrell PDBC 4114

Kelly MFDC 4125 Ready to prep

Travis 1777 Fr bayo 4133 1777 Bayonets backordered

LaBrecque MBBB18 4135 Ready to prep

Hirman MNEF – M1BB 4136 M1BB ready to prep

Lease PRHR 4139L On layaway – Balance $350

Homm M1BB 4146 Ready to prep

Palmer M1816S 4151

Wheary M1856C 4152 Ready to prep

Charpiat MBBB18 4156 Ready to prep

Ware P56SS 4159 Ready to prep

Graber/McKinnis PDBF 4162 Note change of address

Lee M1BB 4165 Ready to prep

Ware MSC 4169 On layaway – Balance $250*

Friedland P33FRS 4170

Peacock MRBB 4172 Paid in full, overpaid by $25, include refund check, expected in next shipment
Deposit Nice PDBC 4173D

Wiseman PKT 4178 Ready to prep
Deposit Powell P56SS 4180D Ready to prep, balance unpaid

Dryden P56SS 4187L Paid in full, Ready to prep

Iwanyszyn M1BB & bayo 4195D Ready to prep
Deposit Garrity MFDC 4198D Expected in next shipment

Sanchez-Campo MDBF 4214

McConahay M1BB & bayo, PBB 4220 M1BB ready to prep

Tessmer Accessories 4225 Bess rammers backordered

Charpiat PBB 4228

Christian/Webb M77FR 4234L On layaway – Balance $475*

Hester PDBF 4237

Musselman M1740P 4239 Ready to prep

Rinehart PSCOT 4241 Ready to prep

Henry MRBB 4243 Ready to prep

Senanayake M1BB 4244L On layaway – Balance $475

Whitlow MBB15 4252

Rhodes PDBF – PGERM 4253L On Layaway – Balance $324*** Last warning to follow layaway instructions

Harrison PBB 4255

Chargo M3BB 4258 Ready to prep

Garcia/RQM Accessories 4262 Nipple protectors backordered

Peragino M1BB & acc 4263

Walling P56SS 4265
Deposit Halpin M3BB & accessories 4269D Expected in next shipment
Deposit Mars MDBB 4270D

Hankinson PDBF 4273

Besecker Accessories 4280 Nipple wrench discontinued, include refund check, protectors backordered

Stockley Accessories – pistol rammer 4281 Pistol rammers backordered

Wegner PDBC 4289

Lauer M1BB & acc 4290
Deposit Wilshire P56SS 4291D

Keller P56SS 4293
Deposit Goodman M1740P 4295D

Peloquin MFDC 4299 Expected in next shipment
Deposit Dondershine MPC 4301D Ready to prep, balance unpaid

Fleury PDOG 4306 Expected in next shipment

Bruechert Accessories – nipple 4310 Nipple protectors backordered

Jackson M1842S 4312L On layaway – Balance $425*

Putman PSCOT 4313L Paid in full
Deposit Winn PDBF 4323D

Caudle MDBF 4325L On Layaway – Balance $725

Herd MFDC 4327L Paid in full, Expected in next shipment
Deposit Campbell PSCOT 4328D

Matson M1BB & acc 4332

Harris Warranty repair #### Rework tumbler, bent sear & sear spring
Deposit Warner PDBF 4349D

Cochran M1BB & acc 4352

McWilliams P33FRS 4358

Brady Accessories 4359 Nipple protectors backordered

McCutcheon MDBF 4362

Reilly MSC 4367
Deposit Barnhill MFDC 4369D Expected in next shipment

Zawlocki MBR 4374L On layaway – Balance $500

McMillen PSCOT 4378 Damascus knife

Lockwood PDRAG 4381 Expected in next shipment

Richardson MDBF 4384

Tomczak M3BB 4385L On layaway – Balance $400

Weiss MBB15 4386

Pierce MPC 4390L On layaway – Balance $425*

Holmes PDBF 4402

Cowie Accessories – 2 rammers 4404 Pistol rammers backordered

Mackowski MBBB18 4408L On layaway – Balance $550

Ehlich PELD 4409L Overpaid by $50, include refund check, Paid in full, expected in next shipment

Olson P33FRS 4417

Gruber/Dade Battlefield M1BB 4425

Sweet MML-T 4430L On layaway – Balance $235
Deposit Martel P33FRB 4436D
Deposit Koczwanski PDOG 4440D Expected in next shipment

Cook PRHR 4441

MacPherson PGERM 4452

Bertazzoni MFDC 4458L On layaway – Balance $275

McKay M1BB 4462

Jasinski MRBB 4466L On layaway – Balance $625

Griffin Accessories – Pistol rammer 4471 Pistol rammers backordered

Souza PDBC 4475

Payne MEL 4476 Expected in next shipment

Lefkowitz MRBB – P56SS – PKT & acc 4482 MRBB & PKT expected in next shipment

Davis PDBF 4485L Paid in full, Include check for $1 overpayment

Wackym MRBB 4488 Expected in next shipment
Deposit Steiner MRBB 4496D

Savignano MSC 4498

Beaubien PDBF 4501

Voorheis PGERM 4502

Sines P33FRS – P73FR 4506 P73FR expected in next shipment

Meek M1BB & acc 4507
Deposit Haertel M1BB & acc 4521D

Omweg MBBB18 4522 Expected in next shipment

Freese MML-S 4524 Expected in next shipment

Bunting MKOF 4527

Fortin Accessories – nipple protectors 4529 Nipple protectors backordered

Shultz/TTU M1BB & acc 4531
Deposit Alexander/GACH M1BB 4535D

Stimpfle Accessories 4538 Cleaning Rod backordered

Doucet MSC 4542
Deposit Danziger M1BB 4546D

Rowell MDBB 4553

Walters MDBF – M1BB – PDRAG 4555L PDRAG expected in next shipment, Paid in full
Deposit Riser PDBC 4559D

Richardson M1BB 4562

Herst MBBB18 4565

Burner PRHR 4570

Marconi MNEF 4576

Leonhardt M1856C 4583L On Layaway – Balance $20*

Richardson Accessories – Bess bayo 4586 Bess bayonets backordered

Smith PDBF 4590

Peterson MRBB & access 4591
Deposit Knapp MENF 4592D

Wagner MFDC 4598 Expected in next shipment

Mifsud MSC 4599L On layaway – Balance $500
Deposit Pinder PSCOT 4606D

Bosnick M1740P 4613

Howell M1856C 4617L On Layaway – Balance $220

Campbell/SAR 2 Bess bayos & scabbards 4621 Bess bayonets backordered
Deposit Blankenship MDBB 4623D
Deposit Garris MNEF 4624D

Taylor Bess bayo 4626 Bess bayonets backordered

Ryan Bess bayo & scabbard 4627 Bess bayonets backordered

Cockrell MBB15 4632

McDonough M1757SP – PGERM 4634

Myers Bess bayo 4635 Bess bayonets backordered

Giglierano/FCM M1757SP 4637
Deposit Kelly MBB15 4638D

Warner PELD 4639 Expected in next shipment

Strathman MML-S – M77FRS – MNEF 4640L On Layaway – Balance $1625

Gully 2-MRBB & bayos 4643 Include INV4661

Brooks M1BB & acc 4644L Include INV4645 On layaway – Balance $600*

Lugo MENF 4655

Graham PSCOT 4658

Anderson MDBF 4659L On Layaway – Balance $725

Edel M17FR & access 4660

Fraker M1816S 4666 On layaway – Balance $625

Yip M1816S & accessories 4667

Williams MDBF 4676L Overpaid by $100, include refund check, Paid in full

Carrington MBR 4678

Austerman M1740P 4688

Vaughan MNEF & access. 4689

Bialek MFDC & acc 4690 May pick up in person

Rivera M1BB 4702 Wagoneer guy

Herb 2 – MBBB18 4705 Include INV4718

Chapman MML-T 4707

Pattison MBBB18 4712

Hartsock P56SS 4715

Petronis PDOG 4716 Expected in next shipment

Beblavy MFDC 4722
Deposit Vaughan M1BB 4724D

Edwards MDBF 4726L On Layaway – Balance $700

Martinik MDBB 4727

Peacock MNEF 4730L On layaway – Balance $575

McWilliams MML-S 4733

Peacock M1740P – PGERM 4734 On layaway – Balance $775
Deposit Trent PBB – MBB15 4736D

Trent PDBC 4736L On layaway – Balance $200

New prices begin here

Grey PELD 4739 Expected in next shipment
Deposit Dunigan P73FR 4740D Expected in next shipment
Deposit Hiatt PSCOT 4744D

Gyles MNEF 4750L On Layaway – Balance $770

Figueroa PMLT 4752L Paid in full, Expected in next shipment

Makowski PELD 4753 Expected in next shipment

Kokoska MNEF 4758

Valentine PELD 4759 Expected in next shipment

Lesley PDRAG 4760L On layaway – Balance $300

Raniolo M1BB & acc 4769

Grund-Clampit MBB15 4771

Byrd MML-T 4774L Check for new address – Paid in full

Prejean M1842S 4784L On layaway – Balance $350

Balser MNEF 4811

Peary M17FR 4814

Brick PELD 4829

Makinen MENF 4831

Santos/Willy P73FR 4837 Expected in next shipment

Bailey MBBB18 4839
Deposit Musser P56SS 4840D

Dusza MDBF 4846

Moore M1BB & acc 4855

Orchard P1822FRC 4865
Deposit Smith MDBB 4872D

Gracey M1740P 4879

Wallin P56SS 4883

See PDBC 4885

Comardelle P73FR 4886 Expected in next shipment

Nocher 3 – 1717FR bayonets #### French bayonets backordered

Ash P33FRS 4906

Buck Accessories 4909

Sawyer Nipples 4910

Homm Accessories 4911 Cleaning Rod backordered
Deposit Mcdermid MRBB 4918D

Starace 6 – M1BB & bayo 4920 Contact for shipping

Thomas Accessories 4930 Cleaning Rod backordered

Edgecomb Accessories 4931 Cleaning Rod backordered

Holmquest MDBF 4932 On Layaway – Balance $770

Dade 77 bayo & scab 4933 French bayonets backordered

Gracey Accessories 4935

Navarette M77FRS 4936 Expected in next shipment

Budner PDRAG 4939 On Layaway – Balance $450

Ji Accessories 4941

Lee MDBF 4943

Walker Accessories 4944

Opinski Accessories 4946

Kenyon MFDC 4947

Peterson Bess bayo & scabbard 4948 Bess bayonets backordered

Akopyan PMLT 4951 Expected in next shipment

Manss M1740P 4963

Swinehart Accessories 4956

Riker PGERM – MDBF 4960L On Layaway – Balance $1220

Donald Bess bayo & scabbard 4961 Bess bayonets backordered

List current as of 6/15/21